System Of Support (S.O.S.)

S.O.S. Caregiver Resource Services connects both professional and family care providers to resources relevant to their unique needs. Resources that provide the guidance, advice, assistance and support needed to be confident, knowledgeable and healthy while caring for those who can't care for themselves.

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Stress Arrest Workshop Series​

A nine week, interactive, stress management workshop that provides instruction in various methods of managing stress and remaining healthy in your unique care situation. Each 90 minute session covers a specific topic and includes a different 30 minute stress therapy technique.  

Caregiver Support Groups

Casual, powerful meetings with other caregivers experiencing common challenges; sharing feelings, challenges and solutions. Guest experts/professionals.

Connecting Hearts

Caregiver orientation to services. Guiding the development of relationship between the family caregiver and the professional caregiver for increased quality care for the care recipient. 

Care Visitation

Quality visitation to your loved one when you can’t be there. Assisted living facilities, skilled care facilities, private homes, etc. We'll be the extra set of eyes and friendly face. We can provide an activity and/or companionship while assessing any care concerns you might have.

Training Woman

Educational Workshops

 Various workshop topics:  How to care for persons with dementia (activities, behavior, various types of dementia, etc.); home safety; orientation to new services; how to care for the one you care for; care for the caregiver and more... 

Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Seminar

This is the required seminar for those pursuing certification who qualify as CDP/Certified Dementia Practitioner or for those who just want to enhance their dementia education. Activities Staff, Social Workers, Nurses, Administrators

Service Prices

Stress Arrest Workshop Series


Per 9 week series

Best Package Offer

9 ninety minute sessions

All workshop material provided

Each session introduces a stress management strategy and includes a 30 minute stress management activity

Coming Soon

Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Seminar


Per Session

Best for General Upkeep

8 hr session

 Snacks provided

Student Notebook Provided

8 CEU's & Certificate Provided


Care Visitation


Per 1 hour visit

 or $160 per 4 one hour visits per month

Best for Busy Homes

 1 hour customized visits

Written report provided