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Life's Greatest Value

May 2018

"One person caring about another represents life's greatest value."  - Jim Rohn, Author

New to Caregiving?

May 2018

Something to think about...

Who is supporting the household financially, and are other family members taking a share of the hands-on responsibilities? Get involved early in the process , because the load grows with time. Keep a journal of 'incidents' so you can refer back to them when communicating with others who are involved.


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The E.A.S.Y E Alzheimer's Caregiver Checklist

July 2018

Educate: Knowledge is power! Find out all you can. Be prepared

Ask & Accept Help: Be aware of your limits! It's healthy

Strategic Action Plan: Provides overall direction on the long path

You: Pay attention to caregiver stress. Do NOT put yourself last

Educate (repeat often): Alzheimer's disease is progressive. Educate yourself ahead so you can plan for the future